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    hi, dude,

    i would like the css code to change color for the main menu bar, the hover, and the selected link.

    i would like to remove the logo on the sub-menu bar and change the pluggins for twitter ,facebook and rss on the bar. or if i can just change the color of the icons

    i would like to change the color of the lower bar below the footer to a custom color

    and lastly, i would like to change the color of the background both in post and everywhere from the grey to white and make the padding of the boxes black.



    as for the menu colors I believe all these topics will help you.

    2) I’m not certain what you mean with the sub-menu logo. You can find and replace the social icons in the “images/shared/” folder.

    3) Depending on which skin you use you can open your specific skin file, if you use the minimal theme open css/minimal-skin.css and find

    #socket {
    background: url("../images/shared/grain.png") repeat scroll 0pt 0pt #222222;
    border-top: 7px solid #F1F1F1;

    Here you can remove the background image and replace the color. This example will turn the background pink:

    #socket {
    background: #222222;
    border-top: 7px solid #F1F1F1;

    I’m not certain which colors you mean with that last question, could you maybe provide an image or specific info?


    thanks…what i meant was the ribbon at the right hand corner.

    i deleted the ribbon css and still got background covering the area it occupied on the submenu.

    site’s in development offline.



    check that link also for a screen shot of my recent dilema. the post content overlap the details , pls help with this urgently.



    as for the ribbon code you can leave all the standard code and add this to your custom.css


    What browser are you testing the theme in? The new wordpress3.3 caused some styling issues for Google Chrome. I can’t provide styling solutions without seeing your theme live. Could you put what you have online somewhere? It should only take a minute to solve this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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