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    Hello everybody,

    I’ve got a last question to modify the propulsion theme.

    On my homepage, I have all my posts entries.

    I’ve made a template in the template builder, so my front page is displaying a big slideshow, and the blog.

    I have set the height of the fullsize Slideshow to 200px, and regenerate the thumbnails.

    Then I have edited the CSS file, becouse on loading, the slideshow load on a height of 340, then move to 200.

    Now, how can I do the same things for the image/slideshow of the post entries.

    I have changed the height in the functions.php file.

    But on the load, the image/slideshow frame is bigger, and the reduce to the good size.

    Maybe I must edit the CSS to have the good frame when loading ?

    But I’m a beginner, and I’m afraid to breaking things.

    Thank you !


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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