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    Hi there,

    I am working on the Angular theme for a client who want to turn this theme to a community portfolio theme in which every user can register and post a project under a portfolio category.

    I am about to finish but still have 3 main problems so I am posting theme here hoping you may help me :

    1/ I hope to use the Post From Site plugin so registered users could send pictures directly from front-end. Somehow, the pictures attached to the post are displayed in the post and not in the specific Angular slideshow. Is there any other way to let registered users to post from site directly and to attach the images to the slideshow (with or without this plugin) ?

    2/ I have created a author.php in order to display a link to the author profile with bio, website link and also links to her/his portfolio post. I would like to display thumbnail of their portfolio post instead of a link. A bit the same as the related portfolio but only according to the user post.

    3/ I am also looking for a plugin to hide the “articles” menu to the registered users (contributors role) and only display “Portfolio items” and “Profilte” to their back-office. Anyone know a good plugin to do that ? I have tried many plugin but they mainly hide everything except “Articles” .

    Thank you in advance for the help you could bring to me !



    Hi Céline,

    1) The big issue is that the them bypasses the normal attached images and instead attaches images using the Avia framework. I’ll tag this topic for another of the support crew who might be able to shed some additional light on if this would be possible but as far as I know it would take modifying the plugin code quite a bit.

    2) You can look at includes>related-posts.php and use it as a model for how it calls images and displays them.

    3) I don’t know of one sorry.




    Hi Devin,

    Thank you so much for your quick feedback !

    1/ Thank you for sharing my problem to another teammate. Hope we could find the how-to ;) I understand it is may need complex coding

    2/ I understand. Just, could you please let me know how can we calls the image please ? I have created a author page displaying the portfolio post but it is not sorting according to the author and it is just the links. Please check the link : http://www.wecycle.fr/author/admin/

    3/ Thank you for your help though !




    Hi Céline,

    If you are calling related posts for authors it will be in related-posts.php, if you are trying to display authors related portfolio items it will be in related-portfolio-posts.php. Either one, you are looking for:

    avia_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'slideshow', true);

    and then the following logic checks if the slideshow is an image or video and then finally spits it out in the $output.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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