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    Hi! Thanks for this great Enfold theme.

    Developing my site on Enfold ver 1.9.1 I detect some strange bugs, probably caused by using Russian language.

    Bug 1. EasySlider doesn’t works in Google Chrome
    Page: http://accum.com.ua/company/production/
    EasySlider works only in IE, but not working in Google Chrome.

    Bug 2. Page titles doesn’t show
    Page: All pages
    All my pages doesn’t have titles – instead “My site | Page title”, I got “My site | “.

    Bug 3. Contacts form wrong params.
    Page: http://accum.com.ua/contact/
    I edit default feedback form – just translated the fields, for example from Subject to Тема, and letters became width bugs. Also I add Phone input field. I got letters look like this:
    Theme: John Doe
    Message: My Subject

    (name instead theme, and subject instead message, bug can change depending on situation).


    Hi Bogdan,

    Actually you are using Enfold version 1.6. Currently 2.1 is available on ThemeForest. I would recommend you to firstly update your theme and WordPress to 3.6 or to 3.6.1. Since version 1.6 many bugs fixed and improvements done. Let us know if issues remain after update
    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP:



    Okey, thanks. I try to update, but I scare to lost all my settings.


    Hi Bogdan,

    If you are not using child theme and made changes on theme files or on custom.css file you will loose them. So you should back them up or you will have to do them again


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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