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    I just tried updating to version 2.3 of Enfold and discovered an important customization I had made, which worked in all previous versions of Enfold, is incompatible with the latest update the theme. I am referring to this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -builder-in-ajax-preview/

    Previously, the customization of avia-shortcodes/portfolio.php outlined in that link had allowed me to open up the entire portfolio preview area for content, including video, text, and images, by removing the default space used for preview images. This was important, since I wanted to showcase Vimeo clips. Repeating that php customization in the new version of Enfold still removes the image previews, but it does not open up the entire preview area for content. Instead, it moves the area to the right leftward, but constrains content to only to leftmost 1/3rd of the full preview area, leaving the rightmost 2/3rds empty.

    That pretty much destroys the layout of all my content, so or now, I’ve reverted to version 2.2.

    Please let me know if there’s a different php customization or workaround I can use to get the same functionality under the new version of Enfold (2.3). In the time I was able to test this version, I could tell several improvements have been made to the theme, helping the site load and run faster, but without the portfolio functionality I need, I won’t be able to update without redoing my entire site. I believe others had copied my customization as well, and are likely to run into the same issue, since I responded to people asking about it the forum.

    Thanks for the continued support and improvements



    Hello Omar!

    That should still work fine. The only thing changed in that file with the last version was some fixes for pagination.

    Best regards,

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