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    tried to fix the Problem using the code provided above by Dude.

    Same Problems like ndscontact. Visitors can reach the main level Portfolio but not the Items (404).

    Using WP 3.1 / Avisio on / Permalink postname

    Switched back on Permalink default and still waiting for update.


    Ich habe zusätzlich Probleme mit dem Lightbox Effekt. Der läuft selbst nach dem Fix nicht mehr. Ich bekomme zwar noch ein kleines weisses Fenster doch es wird nicht mehr angezeigt. Das Bild wird nicht geladen und angezeigt. Hoffentlich kommt bald ein Update.

    Für alle die 3.0.5 wieder wollen: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)


    Any updates on when a theme upgrade might be available for Aviso to fully correct the portfolio system permalinks problem?


    We’ll release theme updates this week. I won’t and can’t give an exact ETA :)


    I bought this theme just to use to show my portfolio, that is it, and now it does not work.

    I have spent a ton of time trying to get this all set up and laid out correctly.

    When is the update coming out? This is very frustrating.


    I am a little confused on if the update was for Habitat or Aviso?

    I am using habitat and WordPress 3.1 – and i do not see the file for portfolio.php – i have template_portfolio.php and then i did even see the line talked about.

    and where would i find the update for Habitat when it is posted???

    Sorry i am a little new at this, so if someone can please Help!

    When i upgraded i lost my background image – i have tried to re-install the template and re-upload the image and it still doesn’t come up. and then the light box feature isn’t working. so far these are the only problems that i am having. but i really don’t have much on my website.

    here is my website if you need to see what i am talking about

    thank you and hope to hear back soon.



    1) portfolio.php is located in habitat/theme_options folder. You can even access it via wp backend (just go to Appearance > Editor).

    2) A quick fix for the background image problem – open up style.css and insert following code at the very bottom:

    body { background-image: url('http://my-image.jpg') !important; }

    3) Replace http://my-image.jpg with the path to your image.

    4) A fix for the lightbox problem can be found here:

    5) We’ll release an update notice as soon as the updates are available…


    Thank you for your help. All of the above worked. But now i have one more question, I need to change the color of the Header text, the Page tabs, and the body text. I know that i changed it before through an option for built in colors but that is not there anymore. and i would also like to use custom colors.


    sorry i forgot one more thing, is there anyway that i can change the colors used in the calender widget? I know that when i changed my colors before it did this for me.


    O is there anyway that i can change the section title on the home page? I want the tab to say home, but then the header to say something else.

    Also in the Static homepage demo there are four columns below the sideshow. I was wondering how to use these and if i could get them to cycle my recent post like a side bar widget? These should also have a few lines from the post and the ability to click and go the the original post. if this is something that isn’t possible please let me know and i will figure out something else to use there.

    Thank you so much for your help and baring with me through my learning process.


    An update is now available, go to themeforest and re-download the zip file and read the version.rtf file, this file lists all the files that were updated, which are the files that you will need to replace on your server via ftp or whichever way you use.

    Very simple, just look for the files in your server and replace with the ones in the zip file you downloaded.

    And REMEMBER ( !! ) if you edited this files, especially style.css, in any way before, this WILL overwrite whatever you changed to them.

    Thanks to Kriesi and everyone for the update and help along the way!


    I put a lot of different style in website (which for a newbie to a lot of time), so I just want to change a few more things? – is there anything in the update that is really important for me to have??? because as everything seems to be work okay i just need to make a few changes with color, widgets, headers.

    but thanks for letting me know about the update.



    if everything works for you an update isn’t necessary. We didn’t include new features (but maybe the new lightbox with thumbnail generation may interest you).

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