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    When clicking “hide sidebar & content” I would like the sidebar & content to disappear but I would also like the thumbnails with their transparent background bar to stay hidden. Any possibilities?

    I would also like to put a different overlay on the pictures when viewing them instead of masking the stripped overlay.




    And have a merry christmas!


    Ok, I got it for the thumbnails but I would love a solution for the pattern … or at least keeping the pattern overlay at all time.




    Hi Alex,

    Just replace this image: wp-content/themes/flashlight/images/patterns/dot-wide.png

    with an overlay image you have created. :)




    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for your answer! I have 3 more questions …:

    – Is there a way that the user can hide the content only, NOT the sidebar when he clicks on the “hide menu & content” ?

    – Is it possible to add a watermak div that would float on the bottom right of all pages (with a .png in it)?

    – Is it possible to customize the lightbox with a white background one and larger frame to the box?

    Many thanks.



    Hi Alex,

    For you first 2 questions, you can use a plugin for that. Hiding the content, a membership plugins have features like that.

    For the 3rd question, I tried to do that by adding some extra paddings however it just messed up the lightbox frame. So, I don’t recommend it. But if you want to try doing this, you can check this thread:




    Hi Ismael,

    Thank you for your answer, but I am not sure of what you mean…

    At the moment “hide menu & content” hides both menu & content. I thought there is probably a way to modify a .js or something so that clicking on “hide menu & content” only hides the content ?


    Okay, I find my way to hide the content only in a .js file.

    Would you have any name of a plugin that would allow to put div on top of the hole website (kind of floating watermark on the website)? I really cant find any.


    Hi Ismael,

    These plugins will simply add watermark to images. The “crop to fit” specification of the fullscreen gallery will not do nicely with watermarking. The only option I see is to add a div on the website with a watermark.png to be sure that the watermark position is always the same (ie 50pix bottom right)

    > Is there anywhere that I could add a bit of code (div positioning) that will be taken into account by all pages of the website?

    I know I can style the div in Flashlight/Styling/QuickCss, but where should I insert the Html/php code for all pages?




    If you use absolute positioning you can add the file to any php file – i.e. header.php, sidebar.php and footer.php are part of all pages, posts, etc.

    I.e. you can place your watermark container div below following line in header.php:

    <div id='wrap_all'>


    Thanks Dude,


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