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    This is a continuation of “Wrong image showing on website only when I log out of WP admin” closed post: I replaced an image on a page. The update displayed correctly on the website. I logged out of WP admin, and refreshed the website only to see the old image displayed. Numerous logging in and out tests, deleting and replacing the image, all result in the old image displaying when I’m logged out of WP. Next, in WP / Media, I deleted the old image so it would be impossible for the website to show it, then re-saved the page which still shows the correct image. When logged out, the website shows a blank space. It will not show the image that is visible on the page in the admin, unless I’m logged in. Help!

    All plugins have been deactivated, but problem persists. bbPress has since been reactivated because it’s highlighted as being recommended. The front page has the header display none in custom css – is this causing the problem?

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    This reply has been marked as private.


    First thing to do is go to your caching plugin settings and clear your cache. Then deactivate the plugin so it stops caching your pages.

    There is no reason to be using one when you are still developing.

    Right now on my end I’m having no issues viewing the site or the /welcome-2 page.



    There is no cache plugin that I can see. Is there one that’s part of WordPress that I should see somewhere? We are not developing, the site is live. Right now I can also see it, but it has gone blank twice previously somehow, and I concerned that it will happen again.



    I also see your welcome page perfectly, if the issue is inconsistent or we can’t reproduce it, it will be very hard to debug it.



    OK, thanks anyway. Your responses are consistently quick which is appreciated!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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