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    Using latest version of woocommerce (1.5.3 ) and wordpress (3.3.1). Have created a dynamic template and was working before woocommerce upgrade. Now the product slider is broken no matter what category you choose in the dynamic template it states no products selected. Please help site is going live and this is holding us back.


    Same issue here. Using woocommerce (1.5.3) and wordpress (3.3.1). Had loaded demo data and product slider working. Loaded my own products and slider still working. Added another product slider and set one for ladies shoes and the other to mens and now I have two rows with correct products but no scrolling. I have set the time to 5 seconds but no slide and no direction arrows. Site is on a localhost.


    Mine was working and after upgrade broken….


    Can we please get an urgent fix for this…. our site is ready for a client and now the product slider is broken the theme is stopping us from launching for the client…. client is on our backs. Thanks. (to clarify no matter which product category you select it always states no products match your selection. If you select one category or all of them… same result.


    Seconded on the persistent “no products match your selection” error, even if there are plenty of products in all of the selected categories, nothing shows up in the front page “products” element. Please issue a hotfix asap.



    Are you using the latest version of Abundance (v 1.2.1)?




    Hi Peter,

    I am using latest version of Abundance (v1.3)





    My issue is the slider function only. Products are correctly appearing but setting “Shop Slider Row” to “Yes” has no effect, the products remain static and no arrows appear at the side, as previously, to manually slide the section.




    Hi All,

    Couple of things:

    -Open up your products and make a small change then save them again. See if after doing this the product slider works again/products appear.

    – If you have any other plugins running, turn them off. Just test the functionality with WooCommerce and the theme.

    – Try creating a new test Dynamic Template with the product slider on it and then a new test page that uses that new template. You might need to remove the product slider from the frontpage template and then re-add it.

    If you can provide links to your sites so we can take a look, that will be helpful so that we can see if its a script error or possibly something else.




    I have got the slider working and it was my fault by not understanding the settings. I had “Shop Columns” set to 5 and “Products per page” set to 5. Once I changed “Products per page” to a number greater than 5 the slider started. I have now set “Products per page” to all.




    Great! Glad it was that simple :)



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