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    Hi, I wanted to know how can I apply a Dynamic Template to Single Portfolio Pages?

    Hopefully it’s not to difficult as I have seen some posts on dynamic templates having technical limitations. Hopefully my request isn’t beyond that scope.




    Unfortunately, you can’t do that on Replete theme because it is disabled. Why? Only Kriesi can answer. Although you can enable it by editing includes > admin > register-admin-metabox.php. Find this code

    array( 'title' => 'Layout', 'id'=>'layout' , 'page'=>array('post','page'), 'context'=>'side', 'priority'=>'low' )

    Replace it with

    array( 'title' => 'Layout', 'id'=>'layout' , 'page'=>array('post','page','portfolio'), 'context'=>'side', 'priority'=>'low' )

    The layout metabox will now appear on your portfolio items.




    Completely Awesome! Thanks so much Ismael! All works great!

    Appreciate it… (and your welcome about the other post)




    Yeah, thank you for making it right. Did that twice now. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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