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    Is it possible to change the url structure from “portfolio_entries” to something more suitable to my site content? i.e. “product_results” or something similar.


    Hi DefaultBlue,

    You can change the permalink structure in the wordpress admin area under Settings>Permalinks.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the response.

    Sorry, probably should have been more clear. I’m using the Broadscope theme to create individual product pages grouped together using the ‘portfolio categories’ within the Portfolio Items section. When I create a link to each of these portfolio categories the url reads as follows… []

    It’s the /portfolio_entries/ section of the url I’d like to change to something more suitable such as /product_entries/ instead. I think it’s built within the theme structure but not sure where I might be able to find and edit it.

    Many thanks.


    At the top of the Portfolio option page (in your theme options) you can set the name that will be used in the URL. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines to the right of it :)


    Thanks again.

    I’ve already changed that and have /products/ before each individual product page. The issue is when searching for portfolio categories. I’ve found a lot of the code in the ‘register-portfolio.php’ file that looks like the right thing. I could change every instance of “portfolio_entries” but there’s a good possibility I’ll just mess the theme up.

    If you can point me to the right files to change (perhaps it’s within the aria framework files somewhere) I think I could muddle through, I just need showing where the starting point is.

    Many thanks.



    Probably you need to replace all occurences of “portfolio_entries” anyway because it’s the taxonomy of the portfolio entries & categories.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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