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    Hi tasoskouk,

    In the WordPress admin go to Appearance>Menus and create a new menu. Then assign that to the dropdown for the option “Choices Socket Menu (no drowpdowns)”.




    i did so but my menu was appended to your copyright text…

    i need to replace it with my text, can this be done ?




    Open footer.php, find this code.

    $kriesi_at_backlink = apply_filters("kriesi_backlink", " - <a href='http://www.kriesi.at'>Wordpress Premium Theme by Kriesi</a>");

    Replace it.




    thx, this is it !

    IMHO this could be a theme option so we do not hack theme files… because in each theme update we nee to re-apply our changes



    You can also add following code to functions.php and afterwards change the copyright text/return value:

    add_filter('kriesi_backlink', 'inoplugs_backlink');
    function inoplugs_backlink() {
    return " - <a href='http://mywebsite.com'>Webdesign by XXX</a>";

    The advantage is that you can add this code to a child theme functions.php too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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