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    Hi there,

    Your demo shows a description under the navigation menu ie. HOME > The journey begins

    How do I add a description? and How do I change the color?

    I’m almost done with my site, this is the last touch.




    These two screenshots show you how to activate the description text:

    Go to your admin panel > Appearance > menus

    Here you can create your own menu. Every menu item has a small arrow which points down on the right side (see second screenshot.). Click on it. If you see a field “Description” there everything is ok – fill in your description for this menu item and save your menu afterwards. If you can’t see a field called description you need to click on “screen options” and activate the description field afterwards (first screenshot).

    What color do you want to change?


    Oh this is great! Thank you!

    I want to change them to this orange: f26629




    insert following css code into style1/2/3.css (at the bottom):

    .nav li a strong{
    color: #f26629;

    .nav li a{
    color: #f26629;

    #top .nav .current-menu-item a, #top .nav .current-menu-item a strong {
    color: #f26629;

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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