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    I remember seeing a code to make a chart a certain width of pixels or percentage on the page, but I can’t remember or find any documentation to do this. Anyone know off-hand?


    – John


    Hi jwferne,

    Kindly post a link to your site, specifically the one with pricing chart/table.




    Here is the page: http://www.fortywestconsulting.com/our-advantage/

    Thanks Ismael!

    – John


    Hi John,

    I believe that the one you want to adjust is the heading of the table. The “Fee Structure” is placed on a different row, Try to place it in the row before it (just inline with “Retained Search”, “Forty West Consulting”, etc) and I think it would look good. :)




    oh actually i wanted to shrink the table completely by about 1% so I could see the edges of the table. The left side, top,bottom have lines, but the right side doesn’t on my computers. I figure if I shrank it just a hair it would show.



    You can do

    .avia_table {
    width: 99.9%;



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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