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    Hi guys!

    I read the documentation about the Mega Menu but I still don’t understand how to have the same effect that you have on your live preview ?

    What does mean the transformation of the pages to “columns” when their parent becomes a Mega Menu ?

    Can you explain how you do step by step ? I think that this would help a lot of people :)

    Thanks !


    It’s pretty easy:

    Normally you can create standard dropdown menus. The far left menu items are the main menu items, sub menu items can be drag’n’dropped to the right and are attached to the main menu items then. They’ll appear as dropdown lists. This behavious doesn’t change in Shoutbox too. But you can build menus with more than one dropdown list, they’re called columns then.

    To create a mega menu with columns you need to check the “Use as Mega Menu” checkbox option for main menu items (items to the far left which are not sub menu items). All sub menu items of this menu item will create new columns which will be displayed side by side. You can check the option “This column should start a new row” to display menu items underneath each other. Now you need to fill these columns. This can be done by adding sub menu items to the sub menu items. The will be displayed in the column of the sub menu item you attach them too.

    So basically the structure for a standard mega menu looks like: Main Menu item (creates mega menu) > Sub Menu items (create columns or rows) > Sub Menu items of Sub Menu items (create column content/lists).


    I see, I begin to understand :)

    I can now create some links and description text in the columns, but how can I put some images ? Should I put some html code in the description area ?


    Yes. Shoutbox should support html tags/code in the description field.



    I can not create the first menu like the demo Shoutbox?

    “Home Advertise Contact shortcodes Sample Page”

    See you letter


    Je n’arrive pas à créer les 1er Menu comme ceux de la démo Shoutbox ?

    “Home Shortcodes Advertise Contact Sample Page”

    Bien à vous


    Did you create two menus and did you assign these menus to the right theme location (Appearance > Menu)?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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