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    Hello —

    I love the theme. Thanks for making it. :-)

    My question:

    I have a logo that is rather large (185 px square) — transparent PNG.

    I would like to have this image float above everything else in the header area.

    A representation of this image could be seen using picpaste image paster… — the logo would be where the blue paintbrush area is…

    When the page scrolls and the “enfold” logo gets smaller, I would like to control the size of that graphic as well.

    Can you tell me how you would recommend:

    — making the image float above everything else on the page (because it would be halfway in the header area, and halfway into the slideshow area)

    — where to adjust the size of the graphic when it gets smaller…

    I know this is in the CSS but I always have a great deal of trouble finding exactly how and what to modify! :-(

    Thank you!


    Hi tekpal,

    This would best be handled as a freelance job for a developer. To get it added in correctly and without cross browser and responsive issues it’ll take a bit of trial and error and css touch ups.

    Something like making the logo position absolutely may work but I can’t say for sure without really digging in and playing around with it.




    Are you available for freelance development of this type?

    Since you’re familiar with Enfold it seems to be a decent fit. : )

    I also can’t find any way to send a private message, otherwise I would.

    If you can send me a private message, that would be fine.





    Please go to where you can find Devin and me as well as others.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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