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    how to add blog article ? the blog article will be like this http://www.kriesi.at/themes/expose/blog/


    Just go to your admin panel > posts and add new. Then write your post and publish it under the category (on the right side) you chose for your blog.

    The Dude


    hi, dude

    i try to add article for blog in “add post” and also create a new category for “blog”

    but there is somthing wrong there

    1) the article appear at homepage, take a look for the site http://mampwamp.site50.net/

    2) the blog appear in category section, i shouldnt be appear here. ( sample for http://www.kriesi.at/themes/expose/blog/ the blog wouldnt appear in category section)

    maybe i adding the wrong way, please take a look for this attachment image



    What configuration do you have under: Design > Expose options >Blog options and Gallery options?

    You need to define a blog site there and you can exclude categories from the gallery.

    Judging from the screenshot you’re doing everything right.

    The Dude


    thank dude !!

    problem settle.


    I can’t do it =( I try any combinations – no result… ant step by step instruction?


    you must set each category for blog and gallery

    in panel > gallery options select the category you want (example pop art, design, photography, typography)

    then panel > blog options slect the category you want ( the category here will different with gallery options (example download, freebie, trial)


    Thank you mampwamp for trying to help me.

    ok. My steps was:

    (1) Pages/Add New – Creating Blog Page! (While creating Blog Page In Page Attributes you should choose – Blog Overview!

    (2) Then go to Appearance/Menu and add Blog Page to curent menu (it was already created before) – Save Menu

    (3) Expose Options/Blog Option – Select blog page you create in (1) step and wich you add at (2) step

    (4) Expose Options/Gallery Options – in Gallery Categories choose only those categories wich should be displayed in gallery.

    (5) Create new post and put it into new category, it will appear on the blog page!

    It’s done!

    ps. Why noone told me about “Blog Overview” option? I don’t no =)


    Glad you got this sorted. To answer your question:

    Why noone told me about “Blog Overview” option? I don’t no =)

    The documentation included with the theme clearly shows you how to set up the Blog section (B5).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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