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    Hi and thank’s a lot for the awesome theme !

    I can’t find any information about it in the support forum so how can i add more than 8 half sized posts on the blog overview page ?

    Thank’s !



    Hi mkore,

    You can change all frontpage options in the Main News Page tab of the theme options. There are options for number of featured Posts, which categories to use and how many blog posts to display on the page up to a maximum of 9 Half sized with images and 9 more half sized without images.




    Thank you Devin for answering.

    Sorry for the misunderstood, in fact i wanted to know how to add more than 9 half sized posts, because 9 is the maximum value in the Main News Page tab.

    Many thanks !


    So please, how can i add more tha 9 half sized posts in the Main News Page ?


    Hi mkore,

    You’ll need to modify the php file for the admin page in order to force it to give more options. Open up includes>admin>register-admin-options.php and search for:


    in that array, change:




    If you want more half sized with no preview picture, change the same thing in the array below that one.

    Once finished, save the file and re-upload to your theme files in the same place you pulled it down from.




    It works great ! Thank you so much Devin !

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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