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    Dear kriesi,

    I just purchased your theme. Iam from germany. My question is how can I change color of header and footer. I wanted to try it before I buy it but I couldn’t find a test version on the internet. The other question how can I delete the link of you at the end? It looks no good.

    please answer me.


    best regards



    I’m not sure if you want to change the background or the text color but your answer should be in one of these topics.

    You can remove the copyright following one of these topics.

    Best regards,



    it works really good.


    Best Regards


    sry I’cant figure it out… which size have the pictures for slider in frontpage? it is not 1000×500, 1200×500, 1700×500 or 930×370. does it depense how many pictures you set to slider, or what is it? because sometimes it looks like the pic is blurry or some part of the pic is cut off.

    Hope you understand it.




    the slider you’re currently using uses images of 930×370. You have to make sure the images you upload are exactly this size to prevent cropping/stretching. When you’re removed your current images & reuploaded them you should refresh your Browser Cache and check if it worked.

    I hope this helps :)


    I solved this problem with pictures-thanks for answering.

    But now I have got another question and that is probably the last one :)

    Can I change the contact field into german? Do you have a tutorial for this? And maybe not just translate the words but change the content into adress, age and telefonnumber?

    Thanks ..

    Best regards


    You didn’t answer my question. Havent you seen this one?

    Another one: my customer told me that on safari there are some problems with this theme (apple). Do you know about this?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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