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    I have a pages likes this:

    How i can change /templates/ to something else? for example for /my-super-products/ ?



    Hi sergeylandar,

    I believe you would just change the slug name for the page you have designated as your Shop page. You can do that on that page while editing it just below the page title field.




    Where i can do it?


    That would be on that page you’ve designated as the shop just under the page title. See this section where it says “Edit” just under the title:




    its not help

    i using kriesi template, the name is Replete

    pages like generating.. so i dont know how.. and dont know how to chante what i need . thats why asking


    I understand what template you are using, but this is a function of wordpress. If you want to change the slug name (the name that appears in the URL for your page) you *must* do it this way.

    You simply need to click on the Edit button underneath the title of that page and then you can manually change the url. Just make sure you keep it in the same format with no empty spaces or special characters.

    Go to the link above and it has pictures to help illustrate how to do this as well as fully describing what to do.



    So i’m on the pages. What page i need to open and click ‘edit’ and change the text there? Because i dont created this page i even don’t know the name of page what i need to search on ‘All pages’.



    I can only guess what page it is based on your first question:

    I have a pages likes this:
    How i can change /templates/ to something else? for example for /my-super-products/ ?

    So it is probably the page you have named “templates”.

    Alternatively, you can look in the WooCommerce>Settings>Pages and see what it shows for the dropdown on the Shop page option.


    Yes, its help, thank you.

    Then one more question.

    For example i have 2 category of products:

    After click to preview page for any product i’ll see

    Is it possible to change /templates/ for first category of product to /free-css-templates/, for second category of product /free-responsive-templates/ ?

    Variant like is not ok for me.


    You can try to change the woocommerce/shop permalink settings. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Pages and insert “templates” into the “Product category slug” field. I’m not aware of any other option which affects the shop permalink – so if this option doesn’t solve your issue it’s probably not possible to change the slug. In this case I’d contact the WooCommerce dev theme here: – maybe you can hack the plugin core files somehow to get a different slug/permalink structure.

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