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    Hi – congratulations on an utterly SUPERB WordPress theme!

    Just a quick question please :-

    I only have four menu items across the top of the page, but I would like each of them to be wider to avoid text wrapping. Please can you tell me how to increase the width allocated to either individual menus, or to increase the width for the whole menu (which should give more space to each item).

    You can take a look at the website here to see what I mean :

    Many thanks!



    I cannot answer your question but what you have done with the theme is amazing to me. It is probably simple how you setup the part describing the designer, mind sharing how you did that. My main use of the theme will be a blog and that would be a great way to lead

    people to the blog part of the site.

    Great looking and really cool looking clothes and shoes as well. Too bad she does not design things for men as well.



    In Style.css

    about Line 199

    Change Width Parm here:

    #top .nav a {








    padding:2px 10px;





    @hmuscroft: @cwrigley‘s answer is correct.

    @cwrigley: Thanks for helping out! :)

    Best regards,



    Many thanks!


    FYI, here’s how I widened the drop down menu items:

    -add a width to the following style, #top .catnav li .sub-menu a

    You’ll find it in whatever extra style sheet you’ve chosen: style1.css to style4.css, at about line 94.

    I widened mine to 225px to avoid text wrap on this site:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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