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    flashlight is a great theme, i just wonder :

    – how can I let people download my pictures (“save as” or another system) ?

    – is this possible only for specific galleries (for example those where I put a password) ?





    yes – they can download the images by clicking on them (right click > Save). Even if you deactivate this feature with javascript they can easily copy and paste the url from the source code. It can be done on any page/post – regardless of a password protection.



    I have my portfolios set up “As background slider only” and in Google Chrome (latest), when I click ‘Save As…” on an image, Chrome tries to save a .htm file. When I try and ‘Save As…’ in Mozilla Firefox (v8.0), I get a png file with reduced resolution (appears to be matched to my screen size, not the original rez) called “canvas.png’. In IE9 there is no option to save the image file at all. What I want is for the full resolution image that I uploaded to be downloaded via ‘Save As…’ box with its original <name>.png as uploaded. Is there a way to enable this?




    No – that’s not possible. The reason is that the bg image is behind other layers and if the user clicks on the background he selects the overlay bit not the background image. You need to add the images to the content somehow otherwise the user can’t download the image. They’d need to view the source code and copy/paste the file paths to download the source image.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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