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    Hi – looked all over for what should be a common solution to a common problem. I am using Widgets Reloaded to make a sidebar, and have only 12 pages showing in the menu. What do I need to do within WP to increase the number of pages showing in the menu? I would like around 20.

    Thanks, great template that has been performing well for our needs for 11 months now.


    Hi daveyfifi,

    Go to Pages widget (inside Appearance > Widget) and set number to 20.




    The configuration of my Newscast with Widgets Reloaded doesn’t look like what you describe. If I go Appearance > Widget > Pages, I get a list of possible pages, but no way of specifying how many would be viewed. There doesn’t appear to be a standalone Pages widget, either. I was hoping it would be just some general setting. Any other thoughts? I realize you don’t support Widgets Reloaded.



    Are you refering to the custom menu widget?

    Widgets Reloaded … that wasn’t updated in 3 years. You mean it actually works still? So you are using the Pages widget then?

    Did you look at the widget settings if there is option, i remember there were quite a few, to display more then 12?




    I uninstalled Widgets Reloaded and installed Dynamic Widgets, which is compatible to WP 3.5.1. Reconfigured the menus to match what I had before. Same problem… only 12 pages showing in the sidebar menu, with no options I can find anywhere to increase that number to 20. Are you saying there is NO configuration in the basic WP admin that would allow me to increase the number of pages shown with a page widget? Or possible change in code somewhere? Thanks


    Hi daveyfifi,

    I don’t know anything about the widget and we aren’t able to actually support third party widgets but what I would recommend doing is create a menu with the wordpress Menus manager (in the appearance area of wordpress) with all the links to the pages you want in the order you want.

    Then in that widget area, add a custom menu widget and then use the dropdown to select the menu you created with the list of pages.




    Thanks again. None of the suggestions have worked. Will pursue this over time.


    Sorry that didn’t work out for you. There are always lots of other plugins available and if nothing else you can use a text widget with a list of html links for pages.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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