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    I am sorry for the noobish question but looking at the doc and after having imported all dummy data I still can t figure out how to remake the same homepage as the demo shows. I was expecting the dummy data to also replicate the demo site. Please provide a step by step in the documentation on how to reproduce the demo site.

    I understand that this theme is more complicated to manage than previous ones but playing with the template system I am not sure how and where I now can set the homepage slider to the 2D with hovertext and the subsequent content below it.

    Could you provide a step by step instruction or have a way that this is done via the import dummy data as spending hours trying to reproduce the demo site is getting annoying.

    Great theme btw



    add a new page under Pages > Add New and fill it with any content you like. You can also apply a custom template (option on the right side). Before you need to build a template though (Brightbox > Template Builder).

    Then go to the Brightbox options panel and select this page as static homepage.


    Coming from Newscast I must say this theme is very non intuitive but powerful. I think I figured out how to add the slider now and I guess it is going to take a long time to figure out exactly how this theme behaves compared to Newscast.

    Thanks for the direction. I had tried before but did not realize you need to add a slideshow in the template then configure that slideshow in the page (that s the part that makes no sense to me why not configure it in the template) anyway thanks


    Normally the page/post templates include the slideshow without creating a custom template. If you create a custom template you need to add a slideshow element though. Maybe you stumbled over the frontpage bug which can occur and which will be fixed soon. It causes a slideshow display error (slideshow doesn’t appear). A quick workaround is to set your page as static frontpage under Settings > Reading too (not only under Brightbox Options).


    Hi there, Thought I should add to this instead of opening new thread. For the slideshow on the home page has stopped displaying. When I log in there’s no issue and I have tried resetting it but with no success. Any thoughts? thank you.



    1) Please try to update to Brightbox 1.2.1 – you’re using version 1.1. The newest version fixes some javascript conflicts with wp3.2.1.

    2) Kaspersky reports a trojan hourse on your website and blocked the javascript execution on my computer. I couldn’t find custom scripts except the javascript code at the very bottom. Maybe this code causes a js conflict or prevents the code execution…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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