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    Hello Support Team,

    I would like to reduce the space between the text and the video. How can I do this?
    Here’s the site: http://existenzbedrohung-kmu.de/

    And one more question: How can I reduce the space between the text in an automatic line-break (the first two lines.)



    Hey Thomas!

    Add this code to the Quick CSS:

    .flex_column.av_two_third.first.avia-builder-el-2.el_after_av_two_third.column-top-margin {
        margin-top: 0;



    Hi Josue,
    thanx for your help.
    When I put the code to Quick CSS, the space is gone between the two two_third-Areas. But on the right there is a one_third-area, also with space. How can I get the space away from there.
    Can I vary the space? In your code I can find a 0, but if I use a 1 or more it’s like I don’t have the code. The same space like without code

    Do you have a documentation about this css code (the names of the elements) for me?

    And one more important question:
    How can I fix the footer on the bottom of the site?



    Hey Thomas!

    Try with this:

    .flex_column.av_two_third.first.avia-builder-el-2.el_after_av_two_third.column-top-margin {
        margin-top: 0; /* You can put a px value here: 10px, 20px, etc */
    .flex_column.av_one_third.avia-builder-el-4.el_after_av_two_third.avia-builder-el-last.column-top-margin {
        margin-top: -125px;


    Regarding the footer, what exactly needs to be fixed?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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