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    I’m working on Avisio theme and need to remove:

    – whole widgets area,

    – and the one located above the widgets.

    To be more precise, I’ve took a print screen where I marked areas I want to remove.


    Waiting for Your help and advices, thanks in advance,





    sorry for the late reply.

    1) Open up footer.php and remove following code:

    <div class="wrapper footer ie6fix" id='wrapper_footer_top'>
    <div class='overlay_top ie6fix'></div>
    <div class='center' id="footer_inside">

    $columns = 1;
    foreach ($k_option['custom']['footer'] as $footer_widget) //iterates 3 times creating 3 footer widget areas
    $last = "";
    if($columns == 4){$last = "last"; }

    echo '<div class="footerColumn '.$footer_widget.' '.$last.'">';
    if (function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar('Footer - '.$footer_widget) ) :

    else : dummy_widget($columns); endif; // dummy widgets defined at the bottom of widgets.php

    echo '</div>';


    <!--end footer_inside-->

    2) Open up index.php and remove following code:

    <div id="main">

    <div class="frontpagetabs">

    <div class='entry'>

    #query the pags do display on the starting page
    if($k_option['mainpage']['mainpage_content_final'] != "")
    $id_order = explode(',', $k_option['mainpage']['mainpage_content_final']);
    $args = array(
    'post_type' => 'page',
    'post__in' => $id_order

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query($args);

    #sorts the array so it reflects the order selceted in the backend
    foreach($additional_loop->posts as $the_post)
    foreach($id_order as $key => $value)
    if($value == $the_post->ID)
    $tempArray[$key] = $the_post;
    $additional_loop->posts = $tempArray;

    #output loop
    $counter = 1;
    $firstContainer = 'fpactive_tab_content';
    $firstTab = 'fpactive_tab';
    while ($additional_loop->have_posts()) : $additional_loop->the_post();

    <h1 class='fptab <?php echo $firstTab; ?>'><!--<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"> --><?php the_title(); ?><!--</a>--></h1>
    <div class='fptab_content tab<?php echo $counter. " ".$firstContainer; ?>'>
    <?php the_content('Read more'); edit_post_link('Edit', '', '');?>

    $firstContainer = $firstTab = "";
    $counter ++;
    echo "<h1>Welcome and Thanks for installing Avisio!</h1>";
    echo "It seems you didnt set up your frontpage by now. You can do that in your wordpress backend at Avisio Options &raquo; <a href='".get_option('siteurl')."/wp-admin/options.php?page=mainpage.php' title=''>Mainpage Options</a>";

    <!--end enty -->
    <span class="hr"></span>


    <!--end main-->


    Dude, it’s awesome, works great, thanks very much for Your help !!!

    Best wishes from Poland :)


    Glad that I could help you :)

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