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    It seems as though JetPack creates its own Feedback object, which competes with Avia Feedback Box. We want to be able to view/edit/approve feedback for Avia Feedback Box and still use JetPack, otherwise our purchase of Avia Feedback Box was wasted.


    It looks like I can resolve the issue by disabling the “Contact Form” feature of JetPack. Can you confirm?


    Hi rdsaffell,

    I’ve not tried the two before but that very well could fix the issue. If its working with the contact form turned off then unless you specifically needed then just keep it set and working :)




    I can confirm that as well. Both jetpack and avia feedback use custom types by the name of “feedback”.

    You either de-activate the contact form or edit the plugin. I’ll have to do the second :(


    Hi angelcosta,

    Thanks for letting us know. Yes, that would definitely cause issues as wordpress can’t handle duplicate names.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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