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    First of all, I want to congratulate you because the Corona. I love it. I have a problem trying to insert images of my portfolio on the main page. When I doing so, there are news of my blog, but only the title without image. But if I put on another page than the main portfolio, it does appear the images with the title. What I can do?

    I want put you images for example, but I don´t know how

    Thanks for your help,

    Pedro Hernández


    Hi Pedro,

    How are you inserting the photos into your posts? Are you using the “Add feature media” section?




    Yes, I am using the “Add feature media” section.


    Pedro Hernández


    Hi Pedro ,

    So you want to put Portfolio items on the main page? If you are just putting the images into a post, it will only show the image.

    If you want to add them in like in the demo here:

    You need to use a Template from the Template builder and select a Portfolio element to be displayed in that frontpage template.




    I use a Template from the template builder and I select a portafolio element. But it shows the text without the images. And it shows the news blog.




    I just made a quick 5 minute video doing exactly what you are asking about. Please take a look.

    If you are unable to upload images (the file doesn’t save on server even though WordPress thinks it does), this is a separate issue and you should physically look via ftp if the files which you upload are present in the media directory, because this could also be caused by an improper configuration of url rewrite rules.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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