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    All images are attached to ‘avia_logo’ this has been noted in the forum 4 weeks ago!

    Can you guys fix this, this is a unworkable situation for a big site.

    I have to reattach 300 images to 45 different portfolio items because the gallery function does not respond any more if wordpress needs to load 300+ images.



    + everything keeps getting uploaded in 2011/10 folder although we are now in november, so i have 1 folder with +- 4000 images (because of all the thumbnails) a bit hard to sort.


    Yes, I have the same problem … what ever I’ve uploaded to CORONA theme, even today (16th November!), it’s in an 2011/10 folder (FTP) instead of 2011/11 now :-(

    blogs.dir -> 20 (= it’s Corona’s blog ID) -> files -> 2011 -> 10

    No “11” folder for November at all :-(

    I haven’t this problem with other themes. I run WordPress 3.2.1 as multisite.

    Any fix?




    Kriesi posted something that might solve your issue. You can check it out here.


    As mentioned in the other post your linking here, Chris, Kriesi’s solution concerning the uploads and the wrong date folders works like a charm. Thanks a lot!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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