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    All I want is to (as my title suggests) duplicate the slider as shown on the Cubit demo. It suggests the image needs to be 900 x 240 however there doesn’t seem to be any help on changing the slider text. I”m sure it must be very simple as there are no threads explaining how to do this, so I”m sorry if I’ve missed something obvious.

    I’ve been trying to fathom this out for too long now…

    Any help will be very appreciated.

    Thanks – Bridget


    Sorry we don’t provide help for stolen themes here – Cubit and all other themes are copyright protected. Kriesi deserves the small fee he gets for every sale. Before you claim that you’re using a legal theme please be aware that I’ve a proof that you don’t use a legal theme on.

    You downloaded your theme from:


    If you really bought it somewhere get your money back – someone sold you a pirat copy.

    I bookmarked your site – I hope you’re not using the theme anymore when I visit it again. Remember copyright violations have legal consequences.

    The Dude


    Actually, the site I got this from allowed me to download it for free so natually I thought it was a free theme. It was only when I started needing help with it that I was led to Themeforest and saw that it cost $27 – SO I WENT AND PURCHASED IT BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. As far as I was concerned, I genuinely thought it was a free theme. You can go and check my transaction ID – 6AS31789DT958993A on paypal. I will change the template into the bought one as I didn’t realise using the other would have implications.



    Sorry if I caused offence. But as a support staff I only see your web site, so I don’t know the “background” story. Many people steal Kriesis work and try to get support here afterwards. We can only fight those pirates by simple ignoring them and force them to remove stolen files. Please upload the “offical” bought theme – because of one major reason: You don’t know if the pirated copy is manipulated in a dangerous way like backdoors, etc.

    I will help you as soon as your theme is online again.

    The Dude


    I totally understand the fury you guys must feel when you spot a stolen theme, so no worries.

    I’ve replaced the theme now anyhow.

    I look forward to your help!



    Which slider text do you mean? Do you refer to the sentence: “looking for a neat business theme?” ?

    If yes, I’m sorry – this text is part of the image – so Kriesi edited the image via Photoshop, Gimp, etc. first and uploaded it including the text and background.

    So you need to open up your image in photoshop or gimp (freeware) and “hardcode” your text.


    Oh, ok. I think I can just about do that. Do you know what the font is that he’s used?

    Many thanks



    I’m not sure. It looks like Josefin or Quicksand, you can get them from here. All fonts from font squirrel are free for commercial use:

    The Dude



    I’ll leave you alone now.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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