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    I know you have tons of icons that are fab but my client would like me to add one of their own, is there a way to add an icon? Please advise in an idiots guide for me thanks :o)


    Hi ContentedKerry!

    Please see this blog post. You should update Enfold to 2.3+ to have this feature. You can login on ThemeForest and go to Downloads section to download the newest version of Enfold which has even more awesome features :)
    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP: https://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/67209750



    Hi I only bought the theme a couple of weeks ago so I expect I have that version but I will check HOWEVER this link only shows how to get extra icons we want to add our own designed icons we have made ourselves.

    Is there a way to do that?



    You would need to add those icons as an icon font and then upload them in the same way they come from Fontello.



    Hi Devin

    Thanks for getting back to me but can you explain how I would add them as an icon font? Thanks


    On the Fontello site you can drag and drop in your own custom SVG icons or fonts at the top of the page.

    Also see: https://github.com/fontello/fontello/wiki/How-to-use-custom-images

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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