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    So, I logged into my WP dashboard today, and noticed there was a ThemeUpdate.

    After updating, it looks like the icons aren’t showing anymore. I can send a screenshot if it helps.

    Thanks for your help.


    Hey NickBrunson!

    Where are the icons missing? 2.3 added the new icon font manager and a few other changes throughout the theme: http://www.kriesi.at/archives/enfold-version-2-3-say-hello-to-our-new-iconfont-uploader

    So if we can see the site live that would be best so we can see whats going on.

    Best regards,



    Thanks for the quick response!

    Looks like the icons are back working again. Kinda weird, but we’re in good shape now!


    I can confirm that the icons also appear to be missing for me too since the latest update? All the social icons in the header and even the arrow icon for ‘page top’ aren’t showing. Please can someone look into this.

    Many thanks guys,


    AHHHH, in fact ALL the entypo-fontello icons appear to be missing and as we have tons of iconlists on our pages this is absolutely urgent for us to resolve as our new site now looks terrible!!!!!. When we edit a page containing iconlists and select an item, all the icons are completely missing.

    Please can someone help ASAP, we can send links via email as previously.

    EDIT: This seems to be affecting Firefox in particular here, Chrome seems to display the icons as normal.



    I concur… FF on the Mac is acting up here as well.


    Thanks for the confirmation soapbox,

    I’ve just tried uploading some new icons to the theme using the manager and they don’t show up either!


    I was also having issues with the icons not showing up in Firefox or Safari after the v2.3 update but a lot of refreshing later it seems to be fixed (for now at least). Perhaps it is a caching issue that seems to affect those browsers in particular and not Chrome.


    Same here, existing icons are gone.

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    Same here, Safari and Chrome but not Firefox (Mac)


    Existing icons are gone in Firefox but only when using Child Theme


    Same for me here. I upload few screenshot for example.



    fixed , cache thingie in chrome…. :)

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    Ok, so Firefox has just installed a new update and ALL the icons now appear to be back again. However, I need to know if they will still show in previous versions of the browser to be safe.

    I cleared my cache and browsing history on all browsers originally many times and this made no difference either.


    If you use a child theme, the icons stop working at all. No matter you cleared the cache. If I activated the main theme, everything works, but of course all customization are gone…. For sure, with this bug, I cannot update at all.


    I worked out how to re-add the icons/icon fonts (not sure why they went missing with the update)


    Watch the video, pretty easy (but a pain)


    Only load the fonts/icons you want, otherwise your site viewers will have to wait an age .with 3G/mobile devices.

    Michael @ http://www.exquisiteimage.biz


    Guess what, all the old fonts are now back ! Weird !!!


    Yeah but I’ve noticed that some icons now seem to be conflicting with previous ones. For example, the icons we had on some of our original pages are now replaced with a different icon. I hope someone addresses this issue soon!


    I only use about 6 so it was quite easy to switch, but if you use loads that’s a real pain !


    Hi Everyone,

    First, you should need to re-load any of the font files for the fonts.

    What you should do is clear your browser cache as the font files are new and the old cached version may not be showing up. So give that a try and we can go from there.




    I already clear the cached, but with a child theme, is not working.


    Take a look ;)


    Hey Pedro!

    Which files does your child theme overwrite? if you add your own header or searchform for example you need to make sure that you also add the changes we added to those files. the child theme should by default only contain a functions.php file and a css file. If you use it that way everthing works fine.

    To all the others: Please clear your browser cache. This is in 99.99% of cases a simply caching issue since we created new font files that need to replace your old ones :)



    Ups, that’s true. I didn’t check the files that are overwrite by child theme. I will check it, and I will post what’s happens.

    Thanks Kriesi


    Seem to have another issue, when I used the shortcode button to insert a font icon in a text block the resulting page doesn’t show the icon, it shows the shortcode text in the colour/size set for the icon.


    The at me. When I used the shortcode button to insert a font icon in a text block the resulting page doesn’t show the icon. The result at the page is
    “aria-hidden=’true’ data-av_icon=’’ data-av_iconfont=’entypo-fontello’>” in very big letters.


    Clearing the cache has fixed the problem in FF (Mac) on my end.


    The same at me. When I used the shortcode button to insert a font icon in a text block the resulting page doesn’t show the icon. The result at the page is
    “aria-hidden=’true’ data-av_icon=’’ data-av_iconfont=’entypo-fontello’>” in very big letters.


    I did the update and all the icons are missing (Safari, Firefox on a Mac), I use Super cache and after clearing the browser cache and purged Super cache on the site everything is back to normal!



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