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    Hello, I have updated to version 2.2 and wp 3.6.1 and now have some problems
    ie8 problems
    Logo and social media icons do not display at all
    Menu top level items that have more than one word display wrong – they appear like list items with large space in between

    ipad vertical view problems
    Logo becomes very tiny and displays at two different sizes in vertical mode. if I click to page it displays one size if I refresh it displays another size (both too tiny).

    I do have some custom css because my logo is tall vertical shape and I want it to overlap into the slider and subpage title area. It looks good in Chrome and FF.

    How do I get to logo and sm icons to appear in ie8?

    How do I keep the large logo image from resizing on ipad vertical view?

    Thank you


    Hello edebe!

    I checked your website in IE8 and both logo and social icons appear.
    I do not have chance to check your website on an ipad but i checked on my iphone and resized the window on chrome, even after i refresh the page your logo is not tiny at all. I guess problem solved?

    Best regards,


    Thank you Yigit, but NO problems are not solved. See screen shot attachments. Problem is not on iphone. Problems are only on ie8 and ipad vertical view.

    ie8 – If I set the browser to display in “compatibility mode” – then yes the social icons, logo and menu appear. But the whole page is shifted and nothing else displays correct – for example the 4 column footer becomes stacked.

    I would prefer to get the site to work correctly and show the icons, logo and menu without having to switch to compatibility mode for ie8. See screen shot of issues: ie8 screenshot

    ipad hortizontal view is fine but in
    Ipad vertical view the size of my logo gets too small but not the height of the box. I do not want the logo to get so small on refresh (bug?). I prefer large logo but at minimum want it to fill space nicely. Okay to go to mobile menu to keep logo larger. see screen shots for explanation: ipad vertical view


    I also am experiencing the same issue with my top nav on IE8 after updating to 2.2 Please advise.



    @mgould: Please try to add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .main_menu ul:first-child > li > a {
    min-width: 100px\9;

    Best regards,



    Thanks for the suggestion, but this code did not work. My menu still appears the same – out of alignment. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks again – Monica



    Please try following code instead

    #top .main_menu .menu>li>a {min-width: 100px\9;}

    If it doesn’t work insert following code to header.php before the closing head tag (</head>)

    <!--[if lt IE 9]>
    #top .main_menu .menu>li>a {min-width: 100px;}

    Best regards,


    The first option did not work, so I will try the second. How do I make that change to the child theme? Or can I?


    ie 8
    I tried the css and header code above. All did the same change – Nothing worked properly. It looks like it was trying to fix the menu. This is not a good work around for the menu bug. Items with two words did display correctly on one line. but the fourth word was still stacked like a list. the header menu got too wide and My logo did show up but it was about 5-10 px in size very very tiny. still no social media icons.

    Please help resolve the ie8 issues.


    I experience the same misbehaviour of the top menu on IE. The above hints don’t provide a solution to me.

    Btw. i run WP 3.6.1, Enfold 2.3

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    After some debugging I found the css rule which seems to break the meno for IE8 users. Try to add following code to the quick css field

    .main_menu .menu li a { max-width:none; }



    This did not work on my site. In fact the previous code worked better although none have completed fixed the problem. ;(



    I noticed that I forgot a . at the very beginning. Please try it again.



    YESS!!!!!!! Thank you!! Works great now!!



    Awesome :)



    .main_menu .menu li a { max-width:none; }
    Fix menu for ie8
    Thank you!

    my other issues have not been addressed as of yet:
    ie8: no logo appears

    ie8: no social media icons appear

    Ipad vertical view the size of my logo gets too small but not the height of the box. I do not want the logo to get so small on refresh (bug?). I prefer large logo but at minimum want it to fill space nicely. Okay to go to mobile menu to keep logo larger.

    All issues since update to 2.2 – I am now using 2.3.1 same issues persist.


    Okay so i though maybe the same css would work for other ie8 problems and it did. here is what i used:

    /*—-ie8 show logo —-*/
    .social_header #top .logo, .logo a { max-width:none; }

    /*ie8 menu fix display horizontal*/
    .main_menu .menu li a { max-width:none; }

    /* ie8 fix show social icons*/
    #top .social_bookmarks li a { max-width:none; }

    /*—- slider nav buttons fix display horizontal —-*/
    .ls-bottom-slidebuttons a { max-width:none; }



    You can also try the IE8 hack to change it for all elements:

    a {max-width:none\9;}



    Works Great -Thanks



    Great, Kriesi will add this code to the next update.


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