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    When you create a new gallery with a lot of images, when you open the last one, the images slideshow preview under the picture, is not at the center like other. For example, go to this link and open the last image of the gallery (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -rock-n-roll-ribs/ you can see that the slideshow preview is not at the center. If you scroll to other image (like the 1st or the 9th) the slideshow is in the correct place. Is possible to fix this bug?



    Yes maybe. Plrease download the latest version of the lightbox script from and unzip the content into the wp-contentthemesdisplayjsprettyPhoto folder. Overwrite the old lightbox files if necessary.

    Maybe you need to change the default skin too – in this case open up wp-content/themes/display/js/custom.js and replace:





    Hy, thank you for your reply.. new prettyPhoto work fine but the problem is not solved, is possible that the theme need some change in the css file?


    PS: the problem seems to occur with galleries that have more than 9 photos



    Please try to clear the browser cache – I tested your website: and the lightbox worked just fine for me.

    Best regards,



    Hi! ok it work, i’ve do it with Chrome and IE and it work good, i’ve erased all firefox extension and it work! thank you for the support, now you can close the thread if you want! have a great day!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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