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    The slider is behaving a little strange :/ If you visit my website you will notice that the images of the FIRST and LAST slider have been cropped and the image of the second slide is resized. My problem is that i want ALL the featured images of the slider to be resized and not cropped!!! Any idea ? My website is: http://www.xaazar.com/



    when you insert an image please check that you select “Full size” as image size. The image shouldn’t be cropped then. I made a screenshot:


    I did but it doesnt work :/ Please visit my website and you will understand exactly what’s my problem. Dont forget that i want ALL the featured images of the slider to be RESIZED (as the secont slide)! (their original size is too big)

    Thank you :)


    After some testing it seems like it’s the standard wordpress behaviour to crop certain images (maybe based on the aspect ratio). I’ll ask Kriesi if he knows a solution or a quick hack.


    Hm, indeed odd behaviour by wordpress. what you could try is to change the size limits in functions.php for the big images:

    $avia_config = array('width'=>978, 'height'=>99999);


    $avia_config = array('width'=>99999, 'height'=>99999);

    that should ensure that images are no longer cropped and only resized…


    Thanx for your help but unfortunately it doesn’t work :-/ Visit xaazar.com to see the result… Any other suggestion ??? :-(

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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