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    Thanks for this great theme.

    Few questions though:

    1. How can I change the size of the ahover pictures on the main screen? Currently height is much less than weight but I would like to increase the height so that users can see the full picture.

    2. Same question in a post. How can I increase the height of the top image? (the one above the date, etc)

    3. In a post, how did you manage in your sample website to have the 3 small bullets under the picture, allowing the user to switch from a picture to an other?

    3. I’m trying to use dropcap3 for an entire word but it seems to bug. Is that normal?

    Many thanks,



    1.) and 2.) You can adjust the size of images by opening up functions.php and changing the size of L – this affects both the popup on hover images (front page) and the featured image on post pages.

    3.) Which page do you see this on? Are you using the Expose theme or another one?

    4.) It was only designed to handle a single letter. It is possible to modify the CSS to change the width, open up style.css and around line 1123 you’ll find this code:

    .dropcap3 {
    margin:4px 8px 0 0;

    Just adjust the width to whatever you need it to be. Bear in mind that any changes here will affect every dropcap 3 you use.



    For 1 & 2, it works but it seems that the pictures are “stretched” if I modify the height.

    What I would like to see is my full picture, and not just a part of it that is stretched.

    So I guess it must be something to change in the cropping process or something?




    The changes for 1.) and 2.) need to be proportionate, say the original was 1000px by 500px you couldn’t make it 500px by 500px.

    What’s the site URL?



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