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    I use the replete theme for a website and I noticed the slider isn’t going past the second slide.
    I read an old post that updating through theme forest should help but I don’t see any updates on theme forest? Don’t you get the updates through wordpress as most themes?

    Also, when I add text with a moving effect it just won’t show. The text with the box behind shows and text without box and without effect shows too. Why is this happening? I think this is only happening with the full width slider but I bought the theme because of the full width slider so I would really like it to function.

    It also does a weird scaling thingy when you hover over the image. Is that part of a known problem?

    Thank you.
    My website with the theme, in case that helps any;


    Hi simonwindt!

    You slider works fine on my end. Only link to your logo image is broken. You can re-upload it in Media > Library to fix it.
    If you mean scaling effect on hover on products, it is intended as you can see on demo site

    Best regards,


    Yes I just fixed the slider problem by re-downloading the theme from theme forest. Turns out I still had version 1.4.1, a bit weird that wordpress never mentions the need of uploading. I never look at theme forest and why would I, I already have a theme.



    Glad it is working fine now. You can check if there is a new update in Replete theme options > Theme Update tab. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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