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    I really struggle with something which I’m sure is really simple to deal with but I cannot find the solution.
    On my website I have a slider buil with layer slider you can see it here :

    The problem is when I watch it on my powerbookpro retina 17″ the little round that fall in the first slide is centered but on a bigger screen it’s on the left. It’s the same with the second slider. Everything is moved on the left.
    Is there a way to make my elements centered on every device??

    I have read that sentence in the settings: “px) This feature is useful if you are using a full-width slider and you want to avoid stretching your layers across the full viewport horizontally. Just specify a custom width in pixels, and the slider will create a centered inner area to place your content into that. Note that this feature is working only with pixel-positioned layers, but you can still use the value ‘50%’ if you want centered positions.”

    but I don’t understand it. Can anyone have a look at the screenshot where my settings are define and tell me if I do something wrong? I’m sure it’s simple to correct but I find the answer nowhere.

    Kind regards,



    Hi chryseis!

    Please check your website here:

    All layer slider elements are centered on mobile view. Your settings are correct. The Layers Container will create a new container and constrain all slider elements inside. This new container will always be aligned at the middle or center of the Layer Slider.

    Best regards,



    I seem to have been able to correct the problem. I changed some settings. So I’m glad to see it worked and it seems to be centered on all devices. This responsinator is a great tool :-) I’m glad to have discovered it thanks to you!

    you can close this thread now it’s solved!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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