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    Hi dear support team – i have an issue with images not displaying in Portfolio view – when i click an article to see it in the portfolio view, i get the turning wheel…forever. If i go and click the more info tab, they mostly (not always..) load.

    Could anyone at Kriesi chech that out for me?

    The site is – i can provide a temporary admin account if needed.




    Hi David,

    You’ll need to update your theme files to the most recent theme version. See this video for a quick How-to:




    Thank you Devin for taking the yimpe but this is a very broad answer to a complicated problem.

    As you can imagine i’ve been editing my theme quite a bit, just reinstalling over it might resolve some issues but might also mess up my work – any specific file causing this problem that i should definitely replace ?

    I know it was careless to update to WP3.6 right away, lesson learned, but i can’t just overwrite my theme as it is now, especially since i’m getting to the end of this assignment, with deadline in 4 days…


    3.6 changes the jquery that WordPress loads. The theme was updated to use the new library as well as the various bug fixes over time that come with each release.

    As for the issue with updating, what I typically do is either work in a child theme if its just style changes and functions or make my own change log that I store in its own folder within the theme along with code changes/snippets that I want to store. Its a good practice to get into if you are really digging in to modifying the theme.

    Each version also comes with a version.txt if you download the whole package from themeforest which shows exactly what files/folders are updated in each version so you can use that and try to just update those folders if you know what files you’ve already modified.


    Hi Devin thanks for the answer and sorry for the misunderstanding – i must learn to actually read documentation :) and watch tuts videos completely… ahem.. anyway, problem solved thanks a million!


    Glad we could help. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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