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    I’ve been trying to resize some product and category images but whatever settings I use nothing seems to change.

    For instance I’m trying to make the category images on:

    to display at their actual size of 150X150 but they appear much bigger and fuzzy. Have tried regenerating the images after changing the settings but they stay the same size and just get fuzzier.

    I’ve seen quite a few similar issues on the forum but I can’t seem to sort it out.

    Help much appreciated



    Hi Daniel,

    You’ll need to actually change how many columns are displayed on your catalog pages since the column count dictates the percentage based size of the thumbnails.

    The image sizes in the functions and config file just change the size of the image generated.

    So for instance just changing it to 4 column will give you thumbnail sizes of 157×157 shown on the page even if the source file is 150×150.

    To change the column count go to WooCommerce>Settings>Pages and at the bottom of that tab is Column Count.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for that. I didn’t see your reply and have just posted a question regarding column counts:

    Is it possible to have difference column counts for different pages? For instance, 3 columns for the main shop page and 4 columns for a specific category page.

    If the images only work according to percentages what’s the use of the image size settings?




    Hi Daniel,

    Not that I know of no. The theme only has the ability to set a single catalog variable for the column counts but I can put in the suggestion to Kriesi to add additional options for specific pages. It would be quite a bit of work however so I’m not sure if/when it would be implemented.

    I can’t say for sure why everything is the way it is just how it works :)




    HI Devin,

    I have submitted the same request earlier but was told it was not possible within the existing configuration. If it becomes available in the future I would be interested.





    Thanks Devin.




    Let me tag this thread for Kriesi’s attention.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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