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    Since the implementation of Google Preview, it is possible to preview a web from the search results before going to the web. As the themes designed by Kriesi are really nice, it is a good point to improve the clickthrough in the search engines (google in this case).

    But the images used in the home page are not showed by Google. Anyone know if we can do something to help Google to show the complete home page?



    Google uses a really basic “browser” (for want of a better word) to view the site, and generate previews. Unfortunately this has its side effects, for example a page which relies heavily on jQuery to load elements can appear distorted / incomplete.

    What’s the site URL and keywords for Google? I’ll take a look.

    We have no control over anything Google does, so there’s unlikely to be very little we can do to manipulate the preview image, however if you have invalid code (through editing the template files or a badly coded plugin) this could be the cause. Most modern browsers (such as Safari / Firefox) will ignore / adapt invalid code so the user experience is not altered.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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