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    I’ve a litte problem.. Have a look:


    In each second column and second tab I got this break…

    I just copied the style.css to an unchanged version out

    of the zip file I downloaded at themeforest… Does any-

    one have an idea where to search for my fault?

    Just noticed: another tab/column gives me another break..


    Please help! Thanks a lot!



    Can you check the code in HTML view you’ve used for the shortcodes?

    It looks like a:

    <br />

    tag has been added between lines which could cause this problem.

    Please copy / paste the page content from WP admin to http://pastebin.com and link to it here.



    That sounds like a good hint!

    I’ll also have a look by myself..




    Try changing the code in WP Admin (in HTML view) to:

    [tab_container] [tab title='Tab1']<h3>asd</h3>[/tab] [tab title='Tab2']<h3>dsa</h3>[/tab] [/tab_container]

    Using spaces rather than line breaks should eliminate the br tags which are being added.



    Thanks a lot! That helped!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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