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    Is there a way I can increase the height of a “Single Media Item” in the template builder? Thanks.



    What do you mean by single media? Are you referring to images? If so you can find it on functions.php.




    When using the Template builder, selecting “Single Media Item: Image Or Video” and using a photo, it seems to automatically crop it to 255 (610×255) pixels tall. I’d like to change that height. I found the CSS and tried adjusting the height, but that doesn’t stop it from cropping the photo. Could you tell me where exactly in functions.php it is? I have the file open, but I am having problems finding where that function is. I do see all the image sizes at the top of the file, but I don’t know which matches up with “Single Media Item: Image Or Video”. Thanks.

    Edit, I did find one number that matched those values ( $avia_config ). I changed it, deleted the photo in the template builder and uploaded it again, but it still seems to be 610×255 when I view the site or the source code. The class of that image is “media_embed” and I just can’t seem to find references to it.


    Hey sorry I can’t edit my last post. For some reason, that change all of the sudden worked. I erased some old images completely from my media gallery, rebuild the template I was working on, added the image again, and the change I did to the code seemed to work.

    So if anyone else happens to be looking to do the same thing, I changed line 23 in function.php and set the height to the height I wanted.




    After you have made the change to that item in functions.php and saved the file on your server, regenerate the photo files with:

    That will cause all the images to be re-processed by the functions.php settings.



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