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    I would like to increase the number of posts (x6) in the others page except frontpage. It’s possible ?
    In the frontpage, I chose 4 bigs and 2 smalls but I want 8 posts in the other pages.
    Thank you for lighting !


    Hey bg08ard!

    Create a new file on the theme folder then name it template_blog.php. Add this code on the file: http://pastebin.com/Mac65vC9

    Create a page then look for Page Attributes > Template > select the “Blog Page”. If you want to increase the number of articles on the new template, edit the template_blog.php file then find this code on line 100:

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query("cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged&posts_per_page=8");

    Replace the posts_per_page value.




    at first… thank you very much for this very good theme. Its great !

    I would like to increase the number of posts on my blog from 10 to 12 per page

    Is it possible to do this the same way Ismael wrote in the post above?

    Thank you for your support




    Please go to Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most and choose 12

    Best regards,


    :-)))) …..thanks a lot

    best regards


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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