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    I love the flashlight theme, but was also looking for a mobile site that was super simple to use on an iPhone. I have installed iFolio as my mobile site, and it works well, mostly. I’m not looking for support on that product – I simply have a flashlight index.php question.

    I modified the index.php file, adding a Mobile Detection Script that directs mobile users to my iFolio mobile site. Works well. There is an option on my mobile site to go view Full Version (which would be the flashlight theme) which directs visitors back to the main site. The main (flashlight) site loads fine, but clicking any link will then redirect back to the mobile site rather than staying on the main site. It seems that every time something is clicked, it is referencing the index.php file (as this is the only file that has been altered).

    Am i correct in this? Is there a simple way around this? Have you come across this before?

    Kelly – main site – mobile site


    Anyone have any thoughts on this? In short, I am wondering if the index.php file is in fact referenced every time a viewer clicks on the different link (such as the portfolio, the blog, or the contact page) or if it is only referenced when you initially enter the site and then not referenced until the next visit?

    And if it is, is there a way around it (even if that means me hiring a programmer to help out)?


    Hi redhaus,

    The template index.php is referenced once to grab the frontpage template then again when a viewer visits the Blog. I can’t say for certain but I imagine you need to edit header.php not index.php as header.php is referenced by every page.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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