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    Using the Abundance theme, I would like to insert an image below the mega menu and above the main content container. I am seeing this being done with another Abundance page that I found (see link below) but I cannot seem to figure out how they are accomplishing this. It appears that the change is being performed using header.php. I would also like the flexibility of doing this on a per page basis somehow. Meaning I would like to have the ability to change that image for individual pages. Any help is greatly appreciated. Loving the Abundance theme.

    Link to example page


    Hi Dux,

    I’m not really sure how they added that in. It could have been done in the header.php file or even the page.php but it doesn’t look like anything from the theme features.

    What you could do, is use page template from the Template Builder and create layouts similar to that though they would be using the themes slideshow at the top instead of the kind of image that is custom added in.




    Further research shows this can be done with a few different WP plugins but the Abundance theme doesn’t support custom headers from the way it looks. Thanks for the input Devin.


    I think I figured out how to do this with some PHP in the header that calls up the image based off the page ID. I will update once I test it further with and reach a final outcome. Thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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