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    Hi, I’ve installed Broadscope – but the Insert Shortcode (Magic Wand) button in the page editor is not working.

    I can see the button, and the dropdown works as well, but clicking on one of the options doesn’t get me the popup with the options.

    On my dev server this works fine, but after trasnfering the site to the live server, and even after reinstalling the whole thing (WP and the Theme) and updating the theme, this button won’t work.

    I’ve done a test deactivating all plugins, dind’t help.

    Any tips on where to start looking to fix this issue?

    Kind regards!



    I’ve done a clean WP install, and a clean Broadscope install, on the server, and one on my development server.

    The Magic Wand does not work on the server, where I want it to be, but it works fine on the other (my dev server)… completely baffled.


    I would like to second this comment.

    I can click on the magic wand, and see the drop down, however then a blank pop up appears and then i cant insert any of the shorcodes.

    Any response would be great!



    Please increase php memory limit.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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