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    Hello… trying to link to other websites…i did this by using the text widget to duplicate the existing demo interesting links….now when ever i add a url for another site, instead am getting the rss-facebook-tweeter links….please tell me how can i add links to the interesting links in the footer thanks


    Please Shoutbox..again am using the Text widget to recreate Interesting links like the demo one that comes with the theme. but when ever am linking the rss-facebook-tweeter links are showing up only….any help is really appreciated my site address is Thanks again



    Kindly go to Appearance > Widget, then drag the Text Widget to Footer – Column 4. Then give the widget a title (like Interesting Links), and in its content you can put something like this:

    [div class=”widget widget_archive”>
    [li>[a href=””>Facebook[/a>[/li>
    [li>[a href=””>Google[/a>[/li>
    [li>[a href=””>Twitter[/a>[/li>
    [li>[a href=””>Yahoo[/a>[/li>

    Replace the [ with < in the code. Hope this helps and Happy Easter. :)

    Best Regards,



    Thank you very much Imael….OMG i am sooo proud to have purchased this theme from you guys…the support is priceless for a beginner..and gave lots of confidence…thank you it worked… more issue, i just allowed my site to be indexed by search engines last night…now i know that it takes sometime for search engines like google to crawl. however, i signed in to webmaster tools to verify my site there…as i did successfully do i tested the robot.txt and its saying that its still blocking….do i have to wait and that is normal or do i have to do something about it.THANKS A MILLION



    We’re glad to hear that from you. :) With regards to the search engines, I don’t think that I can answer that since I haven’t tried that yet. Try to ask someone from WordPress(the platform that this theme is using) support regarding the issue. Hope you find this information helpful. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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