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    Hi there, we have a fairly large number of images on some of our pages, for example. We understand this is quite a lot of content 151 + or – images. Our Board of Directors really doesn’t want to paginate these pages as we would be putting some of the animals on the second or third pages and the chances of people looking at them is decreased.

    The problem:

    When viewing these pages on the iPhone in Portrait mode safari simply exits after a few seconds of downloading. However if we try the same thing in Landscape mode, the page loads, no issues.

    The pages load fine on iPad, BlackBerry 10, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc….

    Seems to be something specific with Portrait mode on the iPhone. Tried contacting Apple, that was a real lesson in frustration. Tried posting to WordPress forums, most people are saying the site is just too large.

    I don’t really agree with these answers as the only product it doesn’t work on is the iPhone and only in Portrait mode.

    Any help, suggestions, etc… (other than pagination)



    I searched for related topics and manage to find these, I think this is not a theme related issue rather a specific mobile device issue with safari browsers on iPhone. Basically, resetting the device and resetting the network settings will do the trick.




    Hi Ismael, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately this happens with brand new out of the box iPhones. It’s either a bug in the theme or a bug on the iPhone I am thinking. Same thing happens on the iPod touch.





    Let me tag Devin and Kriesi. :)




    Thanks Ismael!


    Hey! The only possible reason I can think of is that the iphone cant handle the javascript on that page and therefore somehow crashes.

    what you can try is to open the file js/avia.js on your server and scroll to line 833 where it reads:

    var currentLink = $(this);

    }, (100 * i));

    this is the fade in animation which of all the images and it certainly requires some computing power.

    try to replace it with

    imgParent.css({height:'auto', opacity:1});

    not as pretty as before but it might help. Please let us know if your phone still crashes once that change is applied


    OK, thanks Kriesi! We will try this out and see. However, our site has been updated now and we have less images per page. We knew this would help, but eventually we could reach the numbers again, so we need to look at why it’s crashing. Will try in our test site and let you know how it goes. Thanks!



    Please let us know if Kriesi’s solution fixed it. :)




    Hi guys, I tried this out and it still crashes the browser on the iPhone. We have updated our site now to have less images per page, but I am thinking it will creep up again within a few months. Maybe iOS7 will solve this issue as most other mobile browsers seem to handle the workload with no issues.



    Ok thanks for the notice. will keep my eyes and ears open if anyone else has similar problems. the more samples and information i get, the easier it is to solve tasks like this :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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