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    I think here, in this “supporting forum”, is a tradition like closing the topics without solution. They had done 2 times to me. I know that they will close also this one.

    I think their motto is like that:

    “If you close your eyes, there wouldn’t be any problem.”



    Sorry if we accidentally close your topics without answering your inquiry. Sometimes we hand inquiries to someone else like Kriesi and the other support members if we can’t answer them. Can you please post your inquiries here? I will tag the rest of the support team and see if we can help you.

    Thank you for your patience.




    Look here please Ismael: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -poperly

    This topic is closed without solution. Also I said before: If you couldn’t solve it, why don’t you ask it to Kriesi then?

    Also read the 2nd message from last (reverse) beginnig please:



    I read your topic and I think Devin explained himself clearly. It must have something to do with browser rendering of the font and we don’t have any control over that or so it may seem. Please be patient, we are trying our best to answer every inquiry on the forum or hand them to someone else like Kriesi if can’t handle them.

    Anyway, the difference I saw is the “I” character with and without the dot. I read “BİZ İNSANLAR” and “BIZ İNSANLAR” the same, I don’t see any problem with that.

    Again, we are very sorry if we closed your topics.




    As the owner of site I can decide if it is a problem or not, not onyone else. You are not Turkish, for you it is not problem may be. But in Turkish we read different the character I and İ. So it is a serious problem. If you really sorry, than re-open the topic you closed and let Kriesi know the problem. I don’t believe the words anymore. I want to see the action.



    Opened the topic and tagged Kriesi on both.




    Thanks for that, but I also want you to fix this problem or to convey (tag) the problem to Kriesi:

    No one answered and interested yet.


    Hi sulker,

    Your open posts have been tagged for Kriesi.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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